International Shipping

We offer a wide variety of international shipping services to make your moving experience easy and care-free. If you would like to learn more about our services, call us at 1-877-681-3353 or Request a Quote today!


Shipping Containers

20-40 ft. containers can be used for moving your goods from your house to your final destination. We provide you the option of loading the container at your premises or at Kronos' warehouse.

Consolidation Services

We can ship packages ranging from small to large boxes, or even entire containers

Door to Door Services

You can rely on us to assist you in moving your belongings to your new destination. We are also able to provide door-to-door service (subject to certain limitations) where applicable.

Custom Crating

We can provide you with customized crating to ensure excellent security and protection for your valuable goods. We take care of all items appropriately, ensuring fragile products are given the necessary attention.

Ship a Variety of Products

Ship a variety of products ranging from autos, boats to personal effects. Kronos can ship almost anything including personal effects, automobiles, boats, trailers and commercial goods.

Packing Supplies

We offer one free delivery of supplies purchased within the GTA (subject to a minimum order) to assist you in making your move as easy and worry free as possible.  Call us so we can discuss your options.